Timeline: Festivals, Mentions & Awards

Glasz DeCuir is the identity as MACHINIMA Director and screenplay writer of an artist from San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain. Fine Arts Professional who explores New Media Art ways on Digital Cinema since 2009.

  • 2019

VIDEOVORTEXII, September 2019 “Yes I saw an angel. No Choice” –glasz-playmovie included in Video Vortex #12. VideoVortex, an artistic network concerned with the aesthetics and politics of online video, this edition in Malta, September 2019, where will be screened 2 times: – September 27, 2019 21:00 and on Sunday – September 29, 2019 15:00. Spazju Kreattiv, Pjazza Kastilja, Pope Pius V Street, Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1030, Malta. VIDEOVORTEXII Edition Video Vortex #12 Program

FILE Festival 2019 exhibition. VIDEOART PROGRAM, July 2019 “Cheery Blossom” –glasz-playmovie on FILE SAO PAULO 2019 – 20 Years of FILE 20 Years of Art and Technology. SESI Gallery of Art, SAO PAULO 2019, BRAZIL; from June 26 to August 11, 2019. FILE Electronic Language International Festival Videoart (-https://file.org.br/videoarte_2019/glasz-decuir/)

HOT STEAM II Streaming. Cambridge Community Television, April 2019 “ART & IDS” –glasz-playmovie on CCTV’s website from April 18th-21st for the remainder of the Cambridge Science Festival. Cambridge, Boston (MT), EEUU CCTV channels 8, 9, & 96 in Cambridge

  • 2018

SUPERNOVA, Sept 2018 DENVER, EEUU “ART & IDS” –glasz-playmovie
Outdoor Digital Animation Festival Downtown – EXPERIMENTAL ZONE 1. Denver, Colorado, EEUU supernovadenver.com

Art of the Artists: Slartist@UWA Machinima Challenge “ART & IDS”glasz-playmovie

  • 2017

Filmideo 2017, April. NYC , EEUU “DUAL” glasz-playmovie
Index Art Center, 237 Washington Street Newark, NJ 07102 indexartcenter.org/?page_id=1182

SUPERNOVA, Sept 2017 DENVER, EEUU “DUAL” glasz-playmovie
Outdoor Digital Animation Festival Downtown Denver, Colorado, EEUU supernovadenver.com

Festival Bideodromo 2017, “DUAL” glasz-playmovie

Selected for First Class International Film of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao ZINEBI 59 INFOEUSKADI -2017 “Non-Places #01 (From Places to Non Places): Parahi te marae”. glasz-playmovie
Screened at Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao & FNAC Spain 12 Nov.

BANG Festival Internacional de Video Arte de Barcelona. Galería Contrast Barcelona (Catalunya) “Parahi te marae” glasz-playmovie

inCINEración 2017 Fundación Euroárabe Granada (Andalucía, Spain) “GROW Work in Progress by Silas Merlin” glasz-playmovie

Cinema i Dona IV Festival Internacional 2017 – Video Creación -Valencia, Spain 2016 “Parahi te marae” glasz-playmovie

  • 2016

Creative Edit Award 1st Place 90to5.org Challenge “Man with a Movie Camera (1929)” Channel hereglasz-playmovie

Short movie selected in FILE 2016 -only Exhibition-/ Sao Paulo Brazil “The Performance that Was Not Allowed” glasz-playmovie
Art Gallery of SESI-SP. From July 11th to August 28th

“The Performance that Was Not Allowed” was selected too at FICMA 2016,glasz-playmovie ficma.com
Fiction Short Film category.

Movie at inCINEración 2016 Fundación Euroárabe Granada (Andalucía, Spain) “Parahi te marae”glasz-playmovie

  • 2015

Short of animation filmed in real time included in the international EXHIBITION of FILE SAO PAULO 2015 “Disappear (Crossing Simulator)” glasz-playmovie was exhibited in Art Gallery of SESI-SP between the 16th of June and the 16th of August 2015. http://file.org.br/artist/glasz-decuir/

  • 2014/2013

“Misgiving” – Winner at MODIX Festival 2014 in Sicily (Italy) in the category machinima and Special Prize on UWA WD Project SciFi 2013 University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia) Credits: Music composed by Rael Wissdorf (Germany) glasz-playmovie
Short machinima (Real Time Animation) made with a team of people working from different countries. Teaser here

  • 2013

“Blade Runner Tribute” Finalist of BITFILM Festival glasz-playmovie

  • 2012

“La Rateta” First Prize FEMITIC, Barcelona, Catalunya glasz-playmovie

  • 2011

“Wonder Woman” First Prize of the Jury (Shared Prize) of the “Metrotopia Machinima Contest” Prize organized by the University of Roskilde in Copenhagen (Denmark) glasz-playmovie

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