This movie features the New Media Art performance developed on VIRTUAL WOLRDS by Morlita Quan and JadeYu Fhang. Voice overs in the intro describes the action:

You are going to watch the NEW MEDIA ART performance developed on VIRTUAL WOLRDS. Here 2 artists are working ensemble on a real time session. They are Morlita Quan who made the original sounds and music and JadeYu Fhang who made the visuals and art imaging aesthetics. During this event you will see humans and other new ways of life in virtual worlds, the same as a new way of creative art, unusual if you are a human out any virtual life. Morlita Quan and JadeYu Fhang invited the audience to participate wearing an specify appearance and others artist joined the show too during their performance. This event was filmed on March, 18th 2017. Was called  LIVE ARTS, Morli the musician was playing in live during JadeYu was building a conceptual art environment just then, following themselves with sounds and visuals as innovative experience. This video resumes few scenes of the complete session that was 90 min. long. Enjoy it.

Featuring:  Morlita Quan and JadeYu Fhang 
Location: Du Demon Sim/ Second Life
Filmed and Edited by Glasz DeCuir

Intro Voice Overs courtesy by Wytchwhisper Sadofsky
Facebook Event:





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