DUAL Virtual Worlds – Immersive Experience by DD, Echo and SaveMe Oh from Glasz DeCuir on Vimeo.

  • Selected in Filmideo 2017, April. NYC (1)


“DUAL” is an immersive experience filmed in Virtual Worlds with the collaboration of 3 artists/avatars

Features Deceptions Digital + Echo Starship in a Musical Dualstream

and the outstanding Visual Experience by SaveMe Oh.

Filmed on 22/1/2017 in Virtual Worlds – Immersive Arts

DD soundcloud.com/deceptionsdigital
ECHO facebook.com/EchoStarship/
SAVEME OH savemeoh.wordpress.com/




  • (1) Filmideo 2017

screened on Saturday, April

29, 1 – 6 PM

Index Art Center
237 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102

FILMIDEO 2017 – 12th Annual Film and Video Screenings.
Filmideo is a yearly event, that celebrates the great diversity and work of independent filmmakers and video artists from around the globe.(1)

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/202579404

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBgBdUBYQ0s

Slartist: https://www.slartist.com/dual-deceptions-digital-echo-starship-and-saveme-oh_d95977a10.html


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