The Performance that Was Not Allowed at FILE 2016 + FICMA 2016 [UPDATED]

The Performance that Was Not Allowed features  the Artist SaveMe Oh’s Performance and the composer Deceptions Digital in live session. It was filmed in virtual worlds, in live on 14th Nov. 2015. This performance was the try out for the Memorial of Nitro Fireguard. Nitro Fireguard managed the Nitroglobus Gallery with Dido Haas, nowadays Dido Petra Haas maintains this project alive.

  1. Its the second time one of my machinimas had been selected in FILE, in both appears Saveme Oh with her outstanding skills on real time performance. For those who haven’t seen her in a show, is a relevant artist who performs often in Second Life in collaboration with creative musicians. Her performances are unique and offers an unique immersive experience. Music is done by DD Deceptions Digital who has a lot of great tunes you can listen here.

The Performance that Was Not AllowedWill be screened at FILE SAU PAULO 2016 during this summer in the EXHIBITION 🙂

Glasz-DeCuir-ThePerformance-Saveme Oh- DeceptionsDigital POSTER

FILE 2016 – Electronic Language International Festival

Art Gallery of SESI-SP
From July 11th to August 28th
Every day from 10 AM to 8 PM, entry permitted until 7:40 PM


 Glasz DeCuir – The Performance that Was Not Allowed – Spain

SaveMe Oh is from Netherlands and DeceptionsDigital is from Germany.

Thank You very much to them!



2. [UPDATED] FICMA 2016 – Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos FICMA

“The Performance that Was Not Allowed” had been selected at FICMA 2016,

Fiction Short Film category; Displaying SaveMe Oh – Performance with DeceptionsDigital’s music  .

Nowadays at YouTube FICMA Channel too:



One thought on “The Performance that Was Not Allowed at FILE 2016 + FICMA 2016 [UPDATED]

  1. awesome!
    Makes me happy this video will be seen by many people. Touches my heart. I am sure Nitro would have loved it.
    Thank you soo much Glasz, DD and SaveMe!
    dikke kus


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