DeceptionsDigital – NOVA

DeceptionDigital Novas’s theme Performance  FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC” AT LEA THEATRE FOR THE SL COMMUNITY

DeceptionsDigital composes every song she performs

Filmed and edited by Glasz DeCuir.


This machinima was selected as a finalist in festival Grand IndieWise Convention 2016, Miami, Florida



Tutorial for the audience:

This work had been edited on the aesthetic base of #Supermodernity concept: deconstruction



If distinguished from hypermodernity, supermodernity is a step beyond the ontological emptiness of postmodernism and relies upon a view of plausible truths. Where modernism focused upon the creation of great truths (or what Lyotard called “master narratives” or “metanarratives”), postmodernity is intent upon their destruction (deconstruction).

Manual para el visionado:


La diferencia de la hipermodernidad, en lo que se llama supermodernidad se da un paso más allá del vacío ontológico de la posmodernidad y se basa en una visión de verdades plausibles. Si el modernismo se centró en la creación de grandes verdades (o lo que Lyotard llama “grandes relatos” o “metarrelatos”), la posmodernidad incide en su destrucción (deconstrucción).


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